Jerome Heuze

Indie game developer, Blender3D enthusiast, Front End Developer, Outdoor man!


Indie game developer, Blender3D, Tangent learning advocate, Web Developer, Front End Developer, Crypto mining and trading enthusiast!

Jerome Heuze was born and raised in Paris, France. Having moved to the United States as an exchange student in his teens, he attended high school in Michigan then University in California.

Following completion of his studies, Jerome went on to work for 10 years as a Software Engineer in several industries. At present he is doing work for sustainability businesses, Crypto currency companies and mobile games developers.

An entrepreneur at heart, Jerome is always looking for ways to educate and entertain, but he is also a budding writer, creating video games and creating beautiful scenes in Blender.

In his spare time Jerome enjoys wandering around museums, making and collecting games, building websites, electronics, crypto mining and teaching his daughters about creativity, digital technology and science. He also has a keen interest in astronomy, archery and science fiction entertainment.

Jerome is looking forward to the day when space tourism becomes a reality and will allow people to travel throughout the solar system. Maybe one day he will take a vacation on Mars, or in Earth’s orbit.